Top 9 food to try in Sri Lanka

Food to try in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, also known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean attracts many tourists from all over the world. It not provides you with beautiful scenes and landscapes but also offers you great traditional dishes. These dishes are very budget-friendly and they are delicious too. Every street food is worth trying and their main cuisines are based on rice and curry. They offer you a blend of different spices and flavors which will make your taste pallet wonder about the recipe they use.

Below listed are some of the must-try dishes on your trip to Sri Lanka.


Hoppers and Egg Hopper

Hoppers are made from fermented rice flour mixed with coconut milk. They are made in a special bowl-shaped vessel. There are different types of hoppers – string hopper, egg hopper, and plain hoppers. They are eaten for all meals and is a must-try.


This is a traditional dish made using flatbread or roti. These are fried in the vegetable oil with the toppings of your choice. You can have them with chicken, egg or cheese. This dish is also called as the ham of Sri Lanka. The flatbread is chopped into fine pieces and then they are served steaming hot. This is one of the most loved street foods of the locals.

Coconut Sambol

This dish is made from fresh coconut. This is chopped finely and then mixed up with red onions and chilies. They all are blended properly and then cooked together. You can enjoy this dish with anything like roti, rice, etc. The texture of this dish is very fine and It is usually yellow garnished with coriander leaves.

Cadju curry 

Cashew grows in abundance here and they blend it with the curry to make a cashew curry. This curry is relatively higher in price as compared to other items on the menu but it is worth trying. The curry is made using all the flavorful spices and then fried cashews are added to the curry.

Nelum ala maluwa

There are many lakes in Sri Lanka which have lotus in abundance. They use the lotus roots to make this lotus curry. Roots are cut into small pieces and then cooked into the coconut milk using balanced spices. The texture of this curry is not very runny. This curry is very unique and always wows travelers.



This is another traditional dish made of vegetables, rice, and meat. They are slowly cooked in the banana leaves to get all the aroma and flavor into the dish. This dish is usually eaten for dinner and people love it. Meat is perfectly cooked and spiced and is soft and chewy.

Pineapple curry

This dish serves as a perfect blend of fruits and spices. The pineapple gives you a sweet punch of flavor when you try this dish. Many people love this curry as this is an explosion of different flavors in the mouth. Juicy pineapple is picked for this curry to give out more thickness to the texture.

Kadala tel dala

These are the perfect on the go breakfast if you are running late. Chickpeas are boiled into a pressure cooker and then they are stir-fried with finely chopped onions and fried till the golden brown color comes. Then the coconut flesh is added with the spices and served hot.

Wood Apple Juice

Wood apples are commonly available fruits in Sri Lanka. It is also called as Elephant Apple. It has a hard shell and inside it, the stuff is so tangy. Juice made of Wood Apple may not be liked by everyone but it is definitely a must-try.

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