Top 10 incredible things to do in Bhutan

Top things to do in Bhutan

Bhutan is a beautiful Buddhist place situated on the eastern edge of Himalayas. This place is full of mesmerizing valleys and mountains which attract tourists around the world. If you love trekking, you should not miss the chance of visiting Bhutan. There are many fun things to do in Bhutan and some of them are:

Local festivals

There are many local festivals that take place in Bhutan and you can take part in them and enjoy the rich culture of this place. Tshechus is the most famous festival that is celebrated by the local people of Bhutan. Social gathering is done to perform traditional folk dance and receive blessings. People also go for the mask dances wearing different types of masks and dress in the traditional clothing style. Their clothes are made of thick hand weaved material having different types of colourful patterns. You can get some of the awesome colourful pictures by attending these festivals.

Archery sports

Bhutan focuses on archery sports very much and there are many open institutions that let travellers enjoy this activity. You will be provided with the traditional archery tools made of bamboo bow and arrow to practise archery. The crafting of these bamboo stems into the beautiful bows and arrows is worth taking a look. There are many people who won national awards in the archery from Bhutan. You will be taught the correct posture and pose to shoot the bull’s eye.

Thimphu party

If you are a party lover, you can visit Thimphu for amazing nightlife experience. There is a number of good clubs that can make your weekend special in Bhutan. The girls here are dressed in Kiras which is the national dress and perform dance and songs as per your requests. You can enjoy the varieties of beer at these clubs at a reasonable price. Mostly the price of alcohol is based on the clubs you are going for.  You can hit the dance floor and enjoy dancing with your friends to make the experience much more entertaining.

Learn more about art and crafts

The institution of 13 traditional arts and crafts in Bhutan is the must-visit place if you are an art lover. Here you can see some fine handwork embroidery and craft on the dresses and different fabrics. The dresses designed here are in traditional style and requires a lot of experience in this field. You can interact here with the students and learn more about these traditional fine arts in detail.

Explore rural villages

When you visit Bhutan you cannot ignore any place as they all have special beauty and charm to impress every visitor. Indulge with the local people and explore the beauty of villages. You can see rich vegetation and greenery all around the place to calm your eyes. You can also see various farming activities at these places. The local food is worth giving a try as it can make your day much better with the rich flavours of Bhutan spices.


Trekking allows experiencing the beauty of the snow-covered hills, rich vegetation, beautiful valleys and lakes. These all-natural beauties make this place perfect for trekking purpose. Many travellers especially go Bhutan for trekking and enjoying the beautiful landscapes along the journey. There are many local guides who can provide you with affordable packages of trekking in which they will be providing you with all the trekking equipment and other related things. The climate here is moderately challenging.


If you like water sports, Bhutan will give you the amazing experience of rafting. The famous place to do rafting in Bhutan is Po Chu River surrounded by beautiful greenery and you can enjoy the fun activity making your Bhutan experience awesome. You can also so bird watching at this place as you can capture many rare species in your camera for your travel album.

Cycling to explore

Bhutan provides some of the mesmerizing untouched natural beauty which you can explore more doing cycling. There are many cycling tracks where you can safely do cycling. If you are a professional you can also go off the track to explore more about the places and dense forests. If you are travelling with your friends get going with your gang as this will be your lifetime experience.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is the most daring and adventurous sports activity to do in Bhutan. Climbing routes like Dead man walking, Reach N Preach, Easy peasy is the most famous one to reach the top while rock climbing. There are many clubs that organize rock climbing and all the safety measures and accessories are provided to you by these clubs.


Fishing is another thing to do in Bhutan.  Places like Paro valley, Thimphu valley, Trongsa region, Bumthang valley and Lhuentse Region is where you can for fishing. You can find different types of fishes here and make your trip more exciting by doing this fun activity. You can buy fishing accessories from the local market in nearby areas.

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